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Models for Estimating the Durability at Repeated Impacts

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Autori: Dumitru I., Marsavina L., Faur N., Hajdu I

Editorial: Aliabadi F., Trans Tech Publications, Switzerland, Key Engineering Materials, 348-349, p.205-208, 2007.


This paper presents a classification of repeated impact tests, and starting from this a series of parameters used for durability estimation will be analyzed.
The high number of parameters used by different authors creates difficulties in comparison the different laboratories results. The importance of the shape and dimensions of specimens, and the stiffness of bearing are highlighted. In order to avoid these influences the authors proposed an experimental technique, based on testing of Charpy specimens, in similar conditions as single
impact test. The paper presents a series of results obtained for additional impacts overlapped to a
cyclic load.

Cuvinte cheie: impact fatigue, durability, Charpy tests, impact energy