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Voltammetric Characterization of Copper and Aluminum Behavior in Concentrated Aqueous Solutions of Phosphoric Acid

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Autori: G.Nemtoi, M.S. Secula, I. Cretescu and S. Petrescu

Editorial: Revue Roumaine de Chimie, 52 (7), p.655-659, 2007.


Voltammetric characterization of Copper and Aluminum behavior in concentrated aqueous solutions of phosphoric acid was
performed using the rotating disc electrode (RDE) technique. The linear sweep and cyclic voltammetry (LSV and, respectively, CV)
of copper and aluminum in concentrated aqueous solutions of phosphoric acid were presented. The measured limiting current
densities were subjected to Levich analyses, demonstrating that water and, respectively, phosphate ions are the acceptor species
involved in the rate-determining step of copper and, respectively, aluminum dissolution in concentrated aqueous solutions of
phosphoric acid. Also, apparent standard heterogeneous rate constants and charge transfer coefficients corresponding to
copper and aluminum dissolution in phosphoric acid electrolytes were determined.

Cuvinte cheie: dizolvare anodica, voltametrie, tehnica electrodului disc rotitor, transfer de sarcina, transport de masa // anodic dissolution; voltammetry, rotating disc electrode technique, charge transfer, mass transport