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Luminescence properties of the X-ray storage phosphor BaCl2:Ce3+ comparison with BaBr2:Ce3+

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Autori: J. Selling, G. Corradi, M. Secu, S. Schweizer

Editorial: INSTITUTE OF PHYSICS PUBLISHING, Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter, 17, p.8069-8078, 2005.


The single-crystalline x-ray storage phosphorBaCl2:Ce3+ has been investigated by photo- and x-ray luminescence, and also by observing the afterglow and the photostimulated luminescence (PSL). A single active Ce3+ site has been observed with a characteristic emission doublet at 349 and 373 nm at room temperature. The PSL stimulation spectrum shows a clear resemblance to F-type absorption spectra in undoped BaCl2, indicating that the PSL-active electron centres are F-type centres. The results are compared with previous photoluminescence,PSL and new x-ray luminescence data on BaBr2:Ce3+. The
integral PSL efficiency in the chloride is found to be somewhat smaller than in the bromide, which is still large enough for storage phosphor applications, while the efficiency in the bromide may be even larger or comparable to that of
the commercial x-ray storage phosphor BaFBr:Eu2+.

Cuvinte cheie: x-ray storage phosphor, glasses, luminescence, crystal