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Photostimulated Luminescence in Eu-Doped Fluorochlorozirconate Glass Ceramics

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Autori: S. Schweizer, Linn W. Hobbs, M. Secu, J. -M. Spaeth, A. Edgar, G. V. M. Williams

Editorial: Appl. Phys. Letters, 83(3), p.449-451, 2003.


We report the synthesis of Eu21- and chlorine-doped fluorozirconate glass-ceramics that show an intense photostimulated luminescence ~PSL! after x-ray irradiation at room temperature. The PSL efficiency is up to 80% of that found in the well-known crystalline x-ray storage phosphor
BaFBr:Eu21, and it is the largest thus far reported for a glass-ceramic. We attribute the PSL to crystallites of orthorhombic BaCl2 that are formed after annealing above the glass temperature. Hexagonal BaCl2 crystallites are also observed after short annealing times, but they do not provide a measurable PSL signal. The photoluminescence peak from glass-ceramics containing orthorhombic BaCl2 crystallites occurs at 402 nm, and the stimulation band is centered at about 560nm.

Cuvinte cheie: glass-ceramic, luminescence,