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Radiation induced defects and their recombination processes in the X-ray storage phosphor BaBr2:Eu

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Autori: M. Secu, S. Schweizer, U. Rogulis and J.-M. Spaeth

Editorial: INSTITUTE OF PHYSICS PUBLISHING, Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter, 15, p.2061-2070, 2003.


The recombination processes in the x-ray storage phosphor BaBr2:Eu2+ were
investigated by optical and magneto-optical methods. A structure-sensitive
investigation of the defects involved in the recombination processes was
performed by detecting the microwave-induced changes in the recombination
luminescence in a high magnetic field. F centres as well as VK hole centres are created after x-irradiation at low temperatures. The low-energy recombination band peaking at about 460 nm is due to F–VK centre recombinations, whereas the two high energy bands at 282 and 315nm are probably due to recombinations of self-trapped excitons.

Cuvinte cheie: x-ray storage phosphor, radiation defects, luminescence, crystal