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Effects of thermal treatment on the luminescence of YAG:Eu nanocrystals synthesized by a nitrate-citrate sol-gel method

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Autori: S. Georgescu, A. M. Chinie, A. Stefan, O. Toma

Editorial: Journal of Optoelectronics and Advanced Materials, 7, p.2985-2990, 2005.


YAG:Eu nanopowders were synthesized by the nitrate-citrate sol-gel method. The morphologic modifications of the nanocrystallites produced by the thermal treatments at various temperatures are monitored by two parameters obtained from optical fluorescence spectroscopy: intensity ratio of the transition 5D0-7F2 and 5D0-7F1 and the maximum splitting of the 7F1 level. An abrupt change of both parameters is observed at the amorphous-crystalline phase transition, followed by their gradual decrease with the annealing temperature. This fact was explained by an increase of the symmetry of the Eu3+ ion neighborhood.

Cuvinte cheie: YAG:Eu, Luminescenta, Nanocristal, Metoda Sol-Gel // YAG:Eu, Luminescence, Nanocrystal, Sol-Gel Method