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OpenModelica – A Free Open-Source Environment for System Modeling, Simulation, and Teaching

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Autori: Peter Fritzson, Peter Aronsson, Adrian Pop, Håkan Lundvall, Kaj Nyström, Levon Saldamli, David Broman

Editorial: IEEE, 2006 IEEE International Symposium on Computer-Aided Control Systems Design, p.1588-1595, 2006.


Modelica is a modern, strongly typed, declarative, and object-oriented language for modeling and simulation of complex systems. This paper gives a quick overview of some aspects of the OpenModelica environment – an open-source environment for modeling, simulation, and development of Modelica applications. An introduction of the objectives of the environment is given, an overview of the architecture is outlined and a number of examples are illustrated.

Cuvinte cheie: Modelica, modeling, simulation, debugging, integrated environments