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Manipulation of single-electrons in Si nanodevices – interplay with photons and ions

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Autori: M. Tabe, R. Nuryadi, Z. A. Burhanudin, D. Moraru, K. Yokoi, and H. Ikeda

Editorial: R. Jablonski, M. Turkowski, Springer, Recent Advances in Mechatronics, p.500-504, 2007.


Recently, we are entering a new stage of electronics, in which time-controlled transport of individual electrons can be achieved by using nanodevices, so-called single-electron tunneling devices. Also, it is recognized that single-electron transport is highly sensitive to ultimately small environmental charges such as a photo-generated electron and a doped ion, leading to a new paradigm in electronic devices working with a few elemental particles, i.e., electrons, phonons and ions.

Cuvinte cheie: single-photon detection, single-ion potential, single-electron transfer