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Si multidot FETs for single-electron transfer and single-photon detection

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Autori: M. Tabe, R. Nuryadi, D. Moraru, Z. A. Burhanudin, K. Yokoi, and H. Ikeda

Editorial: Acta Physica Polonica A, 132 (3), p.811-814, 2008.


Recently, there have been increasing demands for controlling individual
electrons, photons, and dopants in developing nm scale Si devices. Our most
recent results on Si single-electron nano-devices will be presented. We have
demonstrated single-electron transfer in random-tunnel-junctions by a cycle
of ac gate bias, detection of photons and detection of individual acceptor
ions by Si single-hole transistor.

Cuvinte cheie: Si multidot FETs, single-electron transfer, single-photon detection