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Antibody–gold quantum dot–PAMAM dendrimer complex as an immunoglobulin immunoassay

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Autori: R. C. Triulzi, M. Micic, J. Orbulescu, S.Giordani, B.Mueller and R. M. Leblanc

Editorial: The Royal Society of Chemistry, The Analyst, 133, p.667-672, 2008.


Gold quantum dots (AuQDs) were synthesized and electrostatically conjugated to goat-derived anti-human IgG for the purpose of detecting human IgG in solution over a broad range of concentrations. The system is able to detect human IgG by linear fluorescence quenching over a micromolar to nanomolar concentration range. We have demonstrated the specificity and a wide dynamic range of the proposed immunoassay. The quenching is a result of competitive surface quenching of the AuQDs. Characterization, details of the immunoassay, and the quenching mechanism, are discussed.

Cuvinte cheie: gold quantum dots, immunoglobin, immunoassay, fluorescence quenching