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Investigation of the Constanta surface water’s pollution sources

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Autori: A.Coman, E.Chirila, I Popovici Carazeanu

Editorial: Simeonov, Lubomir; Chirila, Elisabeta, Springer, “Chemicals as Intentional and Accidental Global Environmental Threats” (NATO Security through Science Series C: Environmental Security), p.361-365, 2006.


The aim of the paper is to investigate the pollution sources of Tabacarie Lake located in Constanta district Romania, by monitoring the quality parameters. Eight sampling sites were established around the lake and analyses were carried out twice on week, in July, 2005. Alkalinity, Chemical Oxygen Demand by potassium permanganate method (CODMn), Dissolved Oxygen (DO), Total and Calcium Hardness, Salinity, Sulfides, Cu, Cr and Fe were the monitored quality parameters. The monthly average of the quality parameters for all sampling sites ranged as follows: “p” alkalinity 0.91 – 1.51 meq/L; “m” alkalinity 4 – 5.15 meq/L; CODMn 8.42 – 15.09 mgO2/L; DO 7.76 – 13.49 mg/L; calcium hardness 0.84 – 1.31 meq/L; total hardness 7.28 – 8.07 meq/L; salinity 0.39 – 0.54 g/L; sulfides 0.62 – 1.08 mg/L; Cu 11.41 – 18.97 mg/L; Fe 8.84 – 18.32 mg/L; Cr 0.96 – 4.9 mg/L. The values of quality-monitored parameters are variable in quasi-large ranges, depending on the position of the sampling sites. A direct correlation between the CODMn, Sulfides and the DO can be done.

Cuvinte cheie: surface water, pollution sources, quality parameters