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Pollutants effects on human body-toxicological approach

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Autori: G.Coman, C.Draghici, E.Chirilã, M.Sica

Editorial: Simeonov, Lubomir; Chirila, Elisabeta, Springer, “Chemicals as Intentional and Accidental Global Environmental Threats” (NATO Security through Science Series C: Environmental Security), p.255-266, 2006.


The interest in toxicology increased continuously in the last years with the synthesis and use of different chemicals. In the environment, humans and other leaving organisms are exposed to support the increasing number of xenobiotics that are mainly present in drugs, pesticides, industrial chemicals and food or beverage additives.
It is a fact that any compound coming into contact with biological systems will cause some perturbations in that system. These biological responses may not be always toxicologically relevant, and from that point of view it is important to assess data on the dose, interactions, as well as their toxicity.
The effects of some most frequently present and relevant pollutants on human body, presented as typical diseases registered at organisms’ level are presented in this paper work.

Cuvinte cheie: pollutants, toxicology, biotransformation, public health, diseases