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Threats on the seside lakes water and their acute and long-term consequences

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Autori: L.D.Galatchi, S.Dobrinas E.Chirilã

Editorial: Simeonov, Lubomir; Chirila, Elisabeta, Springer, “Chemicals as Intentional and Accidental Global Environmental Threats” (NATO Security through Science Series C: Environmental Security), p.201-218, 2006.


Black Sea’s pollution by organic and inorganic pollutants occurs frequently due to the fact that in the sea water there are discharged some waste waters (industrial or home originated) and surface waters with a high pollutants concentration. The conservation of surface waters quality in order to prevent and control the Black Sea coast pollution constitutes a problem of national, even international interest.
In this purpose data were collected between 1995 – 2004 regarding the Corbu, Tasaul, Siutghiol, Tabacarie, Hagieni, Limanu lakes. From time to time, the Nuntasi, Agigea, Tatlageac, Neptun, Golovita, Zmeica, Razim, Sinoie, and Belona Lakes were also investigated. This lakes are located in the central and southern part of Romanian Black Sea coast and represent ecosystems contaminated by the anthropic influences.
Mean values of inorganic constituents (including nutrients, metals etc.) and global organic pollution in correlation with measured biological parameters (primary production) are reported

Cuvinte cheie: Seaside Lakes, eutrophication, water quality parameters, nutrients