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Autori: Dan APETREI, Ion LUNGU Florentin BATRINU, Gianfranco CHICCO Radu PORUMB, Petru POSTOLACHE

Editorial: C I R E D 19th International Conference on Electricity Distribution Vienna, 21-24 May, 2007.


This paper deals with the analysis of aggregated hourly energy patterns for assisting the introduction of a load profile-based approach within the electricity market regulation. The analysis of the regional energy patterns is carried out for determining a suitable classification of the days with consistent consumption patterns along the year. Numerical applications related to market-validated real data for the distributor and for the supplier of the non-eligible customers in the eight regions in which the electrical distribution in the Romanian territory is partitioned are presented and discussed.

Cuvinte cheie: profil de consum, clasificare, profilare // load pattern, clustering, profiling