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24 Ernst Klenk Symposium in Molecular Medicine, Protein Aggregation and Brain Disease

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14-16th of September, Cologne (Köln), Germany

The 24. Ernst Klenk Symposium will be devoted to reviewing advances in the field of pathogenic protein aggregation. The complexity of the field mandates multidisciplinary approaches. Therefore individual sessions will be devoted to
(i) the biophysics of misfolding and aggregation, including computer modeling and aspects of material science,
(ii) the cell biology of protein aggregates,
(iii) the study of animal models for aggregation proteinopathies, and
(iv) the clinical consequences of aggregation, including progress in early diagnosis and therapy.

The invited speakers represent the world’s foremost experts in their respective field of expertise, which ranges from structural biology and nanotechnology to mouse transgenetics and the clinical management of patients suffering from these conditions.