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Ph. D. studentship available in „Design, synthesis, and characterization of novel supramolecular systems obtained via metal coordination.”

Department of Chemistry

Ph. D. studentship available in „Design, synthesis, and characterization of novel supramolecular systems obtained via metal coordination.”

Supervisor: Professor Enzo Alessio

€12450 per year (no tuition fees)

Applications are invited for a 3 year Ph D studentship (to start in January 2009) within the Ph D School in Chemical and Pharmaceutical Sciences and Technologies, at the University of Trieste (Italy). The successful candidate will work in the group of Professor Enzo Alessio in the Department of Chemistry.

The project will involve the design, synthesis and characterization of three-dimensional nanometer-sized assemblies of chromophores that are expected to display novel photo-induced, electro-optical and guest-inclusion properties. A distinctive feature of this project is the extensive (but not exclusive) use metal-mediated assembling. This supramolecular synthetic approach, by virtue of its modular and highly flexible nature, will allow to perform the selective variation of the components and to investigate the influence on the properties of the final assemblies, while keeping at a minimum the synthetic effort. The chromophores of preferential choice in this project will be: porphyrins, metallo-porphyrins, metal complexes, aromatic bis-imides, fullerenes and corroles. The assemblies will be produced mainly in the form of discrete species, and eventually as surface monolayers and gold nanoparticles derivatives. This project will provide training in synthesis of inorganic compounds, organic fragments, and of supramolecular assemblies. The characterization will be performed in solution and in the solid state by extensive use of NMR spectroscopy and other spectroscopic techniques, and of X-ray diffraction (all hands-on). The photophysical characterization of the novel adducts will be done in collaboration with the group of Prof. F. Scandola, University of Ferrara, Italy. The project will also offer opportunities for visiting other European laboratories, and learn different expertises.

The Italian system requires that Ph D candidates make a formal application (deadline September 19, 2008, see website below for instructions) and pass an examination based on CV and oral interview (interview on November 18, 2008). The studentship is open to any citizen of the European Union. Candidates are expected to have completed a good degree (or its equivalent) in Chemistry by November 14, 2008.

The on-line application form will become active shortly (end June 2008).

Further details on the Ph D School, practical information, and background of the project are available on the Ph D School website:

or by email:

Prof. Enzo Alessio