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Job – Research scientist in neurobotics, Cluj

The position is available at the Center for Cognitive and Neural Studies (Coneural, ), a private, non-profit research center located in Cluj, Romania. The scientist will work on training spiking neural networks for robotic control, in the framework of a larger project. Tasks include improving learning mechanisms, simulating neural networks and analyzing them, running robotic experiments.


* Good analytical / mathematical / modeling skills;
* The ability to program in C++, experience in writing and maintaining complex software;
* A good command of English;
* Willingness to learn about neural networks, neuroscience, learning methods in artificial intelligence, or basic knowledge about them;

The candidate may be a student in one of the universities of Cluj. A PhD or MS in AI, robotics, theoretical neuroscience or physics, or some other research experience are preferred, but not required. We offer an occidental working environment and a salary that is comparable to the salaries offered by Cluj IT companies. The job is located in Cluj, Romania.

Are you interested? Please write us using the form at