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Solving the Hamiltonian path problem with a light-based computer

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Autori: Mihai Oltean

Editorial: Natural Computing, 6, p.57-70, 2008.


In this paper we suggest the use of light for performing use-
ful computations. Namely, we propose a special computational device
which uses light rays for solving the Hamiltonian path problem on a di-
rected graph. The device has a graph-like representation and the light
is traversing it by following the routes given by the connections between
nodes. In each node the rays are uniquely marked so that they can be
easily identi¯ed. At the destination node we will search only for particu-
lar rays that have passed only once through each node. We show that the
proposed device can solve small and medium instances of the problem in
reasonable time.

Cuvinte cheie: calcul optic, calcul natural, calcul neconvetional // optical computing, unconventional computing, natural computing