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Grammatical Inference and Symbolic Dynamics

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Autori: Gabriel Istrate

Editorial: 5th European Conference on Complex Systems (ECCS'08), Jerusalem, Israel, September 14-19, 2008, 2008.


[Published only as an abstract on the conference website. Full-length paper to follow]

We show that Lindenmayer systems can be learned in polynomial time from membership and equivalence queries (that is queries are syntax trees of the corresponding grammar).

The result is directly motivated by (and can be applied to) the problem of
learning the symbolic representations associated to dynamical systems induced by unimodal (and several classes of multimodal) maps. Particular cases
of interest include the ones when they arise via operators on kneading sequences, such as renormalization and
composition rules. Learning syntax trees amounts to learning these structural mechanisms.

Cuvinte cheie: grammatical inference, ET0L languages, applied symbolic dynamics