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Connexin43 and the brain transcriptome of the newborn mice.

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Autori: Iacobas DA, Iacobas S, Spray DC

Editorial: Genomics, 89(1), p.113-123, 2007.


Our previously reported cDNA array datasets from neonatal wild-type and Cx43−/− (approved gene symbol Gja1) mouse brains were further
analyzed to identify underlying interlinkages in the brain transcriptome. The analysis revealed that no gene cohort sharing either primary function
or chromosomal location was significantly altered (up-and down-regulation were roughly balanced) in Cx43−/− brains, but each cohort exhibited
significant perturbation of transcript abundance proportions and reduced expression variability and coordination. By comparing pairwise
expression correlations of all genes with one another in wild-type brains, we found genes exhibiting remarkable similarity or opposition to the
coordination profile (set of synergistically, antagonistically, and independently expressed partners) of Cx43, one of the most similar being
pannexin1, a vertebrate homolog of invertebrate gap junction proteins. This study indicates striking redundancy of expression controls over
functional pathways and suggests that certain genes may play roles similar to or opposite that of Cx43 in organizing the brain transcriptome.

Cuvinte cheie: Gap junction, Cx43, Panx1, Gja1, Connexin, Pannexin