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BMP4 expression and it’s role in the rib cage development

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Autori: A. Radulescu, M. Puiu, D. Vasilie, O. Adam, V. David;

Editorial: nature publishing group, European journal of human genetics, Volume 14 Supplement 1 May 2006, p.238, 2006.


Background: Recent data shows that the Bmp4 plays significant
roles in a large number of developmental processes, including bone
formation and development.
Objective: The purpose of this study was to identify the Bmp4
expression and its role in the development of ribs and sternum and
analysis of the skeletal phenotypes caused by the genetic inactivation
of Bmp4. along with the study of it’s expression patterns.
Design and Methods: Bmp4 lacZ mice, where expression of the
inserted lacZ is controlled by the entire endogenous Bmp4 gene, were
used for mapping all Bmp4 expression domains in the bones that form
the thorax.
To examine the onset of endogenous Bmp4 expression in ribs ,
heterozygous Bmp4 lacZ newborn mice ( PN1 ) were utilized for
analysis of ß-gal activity.
B-Galactosidase staining was assessed in newborn mice using
newborn mice who were fixed with ice-cold 4% paraformaldehyde for
30 min to 1 h, and then washed three times with PBS for 5 min each.
The specimens were then stained overnight in freshly made X-Gal
solution (1 mg/ml) at 320 C.
Results: Asynchronous ossification of inferior sternal segment 5 was
recorded .This ossification segment differed from all the other four
centers and had a modified shape . We have noticed that in some
cases this center was redused in size and in others fused with segment
4 giving it an unusual shape.
Conclusions: These results indicate that Bmp4 gene dosage is
essential for the normal development of the sternal bone and ribs

Cuvinte cheie: morfoproteina osoasa 4, coaste si stern, malformatii toracice // bone morphoprotein 4* rib and sternum* thorax malformations