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Congenital hydrocephaly-ultrasound diagnosis

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Autori: V. Botiu, M. Boia, E. Boia, C. Ilie, M. Puiu, D. Iacob, A. Manea, D. Mihut;

Editorial: nature publishing group, European journal of human genetics, Volume 14 Supplement 1 May 2006, p.131, 2006.


Diagnostical framing of the echography find out disease, correlation
between the imaging and clinical marks, setting of the evolutional
stage and therapeutical indication.
Material and Method: The study contained 34 cases of ventriculomegaly,
selected by clinical and imaging criteria from the premature newborn
hospitalized in the Clinic of Neonatology. Head ultrasonography was
used as method of diagnosis and prognosis evaluation.
Results: Hydrocephaly was associated with: meningomyelocele in 8
of the cases, meningoencephalocele in 3 of the cases, Dandy-Walker
malformation in 4 of the cases, agenesis of the corpus callosus in 5 of
the cases, malformation of the Galen’s vein in 2 of the cases, arachnoid
kyst in 4 of the cases, lobar holoprosencephaly in 3 of the cases. In 4
of the cause couldn’t be found at they didn’t present any associated
malformations. 5 of the cases from those with cranio-vertebral
dysraphism presented Arnold/Chiari II malformations associated with
meningomyelocele and 3 of those cases presented Arnold/Chiari III
malformation associated with meningoencephalocele . The clinical
manifestations were those of the classic hydrocephaly associated
with: recurring seizures, paresis, paralysis of the inferior limbs in 4
cases, apnea crisis, acrocyanosis. Cerebral imaging was used to
appreciate the ventricular enlargement and the degree of compression
of the cerebral tissue. The evolution of the cases showed a high rate
of decease- 51,4 %.Conclusions: The fast evoluting hydrocephaly was
the primary cause of death at the cases with associated malformations.
The most frequently met malformation types were: cranio- cerebral
dysraphism and agenesis of the corpus callosum.

Cuvinte cheie: hidrocefalie, congenital, copil // Hydrocephaly, congenital, child