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Interpenetrated Constitutional Networks of Aromatic Metallosupramolecular Duplexes

Domenii publicaţii > Chimie + Tipuri publicaţii > Articol în revistã ştiinţificã

Autori: Y.-M. Legrand, F. Dumitru, A. V. D. Lee, M. Barboiu

Editorial: Jonathan Sessler, Philip Gale, Taylor&Francis, Supramolecular Chemistry, , 21(3&4), p.230-237, 2009.


We report hierarchical supramolecular organization promoted by the formation of metallosupramolecular duplex architectures. 3D supramolecular structure propagation is favoured by long-range aromatic-aromatic interactions toward robust double-helical configuration in 12Zn2+, tubular squared architecture in 22Zn2+ and selforganized triangles in 42Zn2+. The advantageous structural features of such external aromatic interactions are not preserved while introducing new variables such as methylene spacer between imine moiety and the aromatic rings, inducing a orthogonal spatial orientation of the peripheral aromatic arms in 32Zn2+. Indeed, the introduction of supplementary aromatic functionality in 42Zn2+, results in the combination of both internal and external forces and has led to metallosupramolecular triangle architectures that are stabilized by a 3D “diphenylmethane embrace motif”. The homochiral triangles connected via tetrahedral nodes and face-to-face triangle interactions are organized in the crystal that each duplex constituent has an alternate opposite chirality.

Cuvinte cheie: metallosupramolecular complexes, imine, self-assembly, aromatic interactions