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Agricultural insurances in Romania: present and future aspects

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Autori: Narcis Eduard MITU

Editorial: MPRA Paper from University Library of Munich, Germany, Finance - Ghallenges of the Future, ISSN 1583-3712, No. 6 (2007), p.198-2006, 2007.


Concern for risks that stifle investment and contribute to vulnerability of the rural poor is a driving force behind various types of agricultural insurance. Insuring small-scale farmers against crop losses to adverse weather or other hazards has attracted public sector involvement in the provision of agricultural insurance in many countries among which Romania. With few exceptions, such interventions have encountered severe problems owing to high administrative costs, moral hazard, adverse selection etc. Government interventions should be aimed at improving the accessibility and quality of private sector insurance. This will require the establishment of a framework for responding to severe systemic events affecting agricultural production, and establishing an appropriate regulatory environment to foster private sector innovation and investment in services for less catastrophic events. Thus, in this item we tried to illustrate some elemental incident to appearances agricultural insurances in Romania.

Cuvinte cheie: agricultural insurances, moral hazard, adverse selection, weather insurance, weather derivative