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Experience Studies on Determining Life Premium Insurance Ratings: Practical Approaches

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Autori: Mirela CRISTEA, Narcis Eduard MITU

Editorial: International Ataturk Alatoo University, Eurasian Journal of Business and Economics, No. 1/2008, p.61-82, 2008.


The focus of this article is to present the modelling tehcniques used on international
practice in the evaluation of right life premiums based. The knowledge and models
obtained have a common element of mortality risk indicators but these are varied in
different parts of the world. The common elements of these studies and models are
generally based on a series of indicators which mainly point out their probability of
survival and they are named the mortality indicators. These indicators represent the
basis for the calculation of the premiums quotes and for the elaboration by the
insurers of premium tables. The benefit for the policyholder is to obtain insurance at
a fair and competitive price and for the insurer, to maintain the experience of its
portfolio in line with mortality assumptions.

Cuvinte cheie: Insurance Premiums Quota, Actuarially Selection Criteria, Experience