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A Possible Solution to the World Power Supply System

Domenii publicaţii > Stiinte ingineresti + Tipuri publicaţii > Articol în revistã ştiinţificã

Autori: Ph. D Ion Corbu

Editorial: 3th International Exhibition on Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy Sources for South-East Europe, Sofia, aprilie 2008 , 2008.


The concept model starts from an invention “Ecological see electro power station” protected by an international copyright © AMPI 205072 and for which it was placed an invention patent request A/00840/05.10.2004. This invention was presented as a functional model al the 33rd Invention Saloon from Geneva 2005 and it had received the gold medal and a special award Scientific Researchers Association Coup from Malaysia. At the Innovation Summit, EUREKA Bruxelles 2005. it had received the gold medal with mention and a special award from Russian Delegation. INPEX Pittsbourgh 2006 it had received 2 gold medals (energy and Environment
In the energetic actual frame in which people if facing more often with energetic crisis, the proposed model is focusing to some ideas and formulas considered being priorities by the EU as well as by the world level. We mention here regenerative sources and clean energies of the future. For the proposed model we think to the capturing of a larger part from the see waves chaotic energy. This, because for over than two thirds from the Earth surface is represented by sees and oceans. So, the ideas taken into our attention hint at a next step the capturing at an industrial level of the waves see chaotic energy from wherever from the see or ocean (also near to the coast or in open see) and to transform it directly in electrical energy, in mechanical and pneumatically energy and later into electrical energy and hydrogen.
Such an electro power station can function without any stop and can deliver electrical energy and hydrogen, without any combustible. The single costs are for the investment and maintenance. Following our computations, based just by theory, one from assumption from this project is basing on the case that at limit the electrical energy world production at the 2000 level, of 2.598,83TWh, can be obtained with the help of the solutions resulted from this project. This can be done see and ocean cumulated areas of 21.300 km2, having waves of 1 m and frequency of 0,2 Hz with an energy capturing efficiency of just 10 %.

The present work is based on an invention , still in the lab developing phase, within a research contract ending this year. Namely, it is a marine electricity power station, that can be placed anywhere in the sea, on fixed bearing structures linked to the bottom of the sea or onto mobile floating bearing structures. It is modular in its structure, thus being extremly extendable, in longitudinal shapes or following the form of artificial sea islands, harnessing the energy of enormous water areas. One can practically build as many surfaces as it takes to ensure an energy reserve, in order to sustain the needs of mankind. This particular invention won many awards at several international conventions, presenting itself with several advantages:
– it produces energy without any fuel consumption, it can be build anywhere on the sea, it captures the waves’ kinetic and potential energies, while transforming it directly into electric energy, alternative-linear motion mechanics an then into rotative motion which, in turn, draws rotative electric generators, into pneumatic energy and, finally, into electric energy. By using the plain electrical current and redressing it, one can obtain hydrogene, the „clean” fuel of the future..
– the power station is a „clean” one, not polluting the atmosphere and not producing any waists, risk-free for the entire mankind
– building these electricity power stations in fixed or floating „islands”, in the sea, one can obtain touring or usual „settlements” with „the power station” underneath and with the human seatings on the surface. The proportions of such a power-station are given mainly by the level of the investments.
– while connecting (with the help of underwater cabling) these „power islands”, one can establish a world power system, supporting the land needs. This could also solve the main issue of the peak load in world energy consumption.

Cuvinte cheie: energia valurilor, energie regenerabila, hidrogen, electrocentralã ecologicã marinã // waves energy, renewable energy, hydrogen, ecological electro power station