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Latex particles based on a vinyl acetate ethylene copolymerizate processes for the production thereof and the use thereof , US Patent 6,667,352

Domenii publicaţii > Chimie + Tipuri publicaţii > Articol în revistã ştiinţificã

Autori: Kusters; Jos M. H. (Puth, NL), Koelliker; Robert (Oberkirch, CH), Vlad; Florin I. (Annandale, NJ), Cook; Wendy J. (Sutton, GB)

Editorial: 2003.


The invention relates to protective colloid-stabilized copolymerizate latex particles with a heterogeneous morphology based on a vinyl acetate-ethylene copolymerizate and optionally further monomers, the latex particles having an ethylene content of less than 30 wt. %, based oh the total monomer quantity, comprising an outer phase with a polymer of vinyl acetate and approximately 0 to 40 wt. % ethylene, based on the monomers of the outer phase, and an inner phase with a polymer of vinyl acetate and approximately 0 to 40 wt. % ethylene; based on the monomers of the inner phase and in which at least one of the two phases contains ethylene. The invention also relates to a process for the preparation of acqueous dispersions of copolymerizate latex particles with heterogeneous morphology and the use thereof. The invention is characterized in that the heterogeneous morphology can be obtained in a planned manner, i.e. whether there is a core-shell or inverse core-shell morphology and the composition of the inner and the outer phases can also be varied in flexible manner within the indicated ranges.

Cuvinte cheie: latex, emulsion polymerization, core-shell, particles