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Effective dispersion equations for reactive flows with dominant Peclet and Damkohler numbers

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Autori: C.J. van Duijn, A. Mikelic, I.S. Pop and C. Rosier

Editorial: G.B. Marin, D. H. West, G. Yablonsky, Acedemic Press, Elsevier, Advances in Chemical Engineering, 34, p.1-45, 2008.


We study the reactive flow through a capillary tube. The solute particles are transported and diffused by the fluid. At the tube lateral boundary they undergo an adsorption–desorption process. The transport and reaction parameters are such that we have large, dominant Pe´clet and Damkohler numbers with respect to the ratio of characteristic transversal and longitudinal lengths. Using the anisotropic singular perturbation technique we derive the effective equations. In the absence of the chemical reactions they coincide with Taylor’s dispersion model. The result is compared with the turbulence closure modeling and with the center manifold approach. Furthermore, we present a numerical justification of the model by a direct simulation.

Cuvinte cheie: effective equation, Taylor dispersion, adsorption-desorption