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Combined Microwave and Accelerated Electron Beam Irradiation Facilities for Applied Physics and Chemistry

Domenii publicaţii > Chimie + Tipuri publicaţii > Articol în revistã ştiinţificã

Autori: Diana I. Martin, Daniel I. Ighigeanu, Elena N. Mateescu, Gabriela D. Craciun, Ioan I. Calinescu, Horia M. Iovu,



A new method based on microwave (MW) energy addition to accelerated electron beam (EB) energy for material processing was developed. In order to investigate this method, several
specially designed facilities which permit separate, successive, and
simultaneous MW and EB irradiation were carried out. These facilities
as well as the associated MW and EB injection systems are described. In comparison with separate EB orMWirradiation, the simultaneous EB and MW irradiation of the acrylamide-acrylic acid aqueous solution leads to the highest molecular weight values
simultaneously with the smallest Huggins constant values. Also,
the absorbed dose is reduced from 0.8 kGy in the separate EB irradiation
case to 0.4 kGy in the simultaneous EB and MW irradiation applied to acrylamide-acrylic acid co- polymerization. Significant
higher vulcanization degrees are obtained only for higher EB irradiation doses, especially in terms of the values of the 300%
modulus and tensile strength. By using simultaneous EB and MW
irradiation, compared to separate EB irradiation, the same maximum
value of 300% modulus is obtained for EB absorbed dose
and irradiation time of 2.5 times lower at 60-WMWpower and five
times lower at 100-W MW power. Also, the same maximum value of tensile strength is obtained for EB absorbed dose and irradiation time of four times lower at 60-W MW power and 5.33 times lower at 100-W MW power. The combined EB and MW irradiation
applied to the SO2; and NOx
removal from the simulated flue
gases demonstrated that for the same removal efficiency of 98%
for SO2 and 76% for NOx
at separate EB irradiation of 40 kGy,
the required absorbed dose is about two times smaller for simultaneous
EB and MW irradiation.

Cuvinte cheie: Combined electron beam (EB) and microwave irradiation (MW), SO2 and NOx removal