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Choosing between marriage and cohabitation: women’s first union patterns in Hungary

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Autori: Cristina Bradatan, Laszlo Kulcsar

Editorial: Journal of Comparative Family Studies, 39(4), p.491-507 , 2008.


In this paper, we analyze the patterns of first union formation of various cohorts in Hungary using competing risk models (Cox regression) applied to retrospective data (women sub sample, N=8931) from the Gender and Generations Survey for Hungary, wave 1 (Turning points of the life course, 2001). Our results show that, while there is a well defined tendency of the younger generations to choose cohabitation rather than marriage as a first union, the level of education, family history and ethnicity play an important role in taking this decision. We found that cohabitation is a replacement for marriage only for more mature women, while those who enter into cohabitation at young ages use it as a step toward marriage.

Cuvinte cheie: marriage, Hungary, Cox regression