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Cuisine and cultural identity in the Balkans

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Autori: Cristina Bradatan

Editorial: Anthropology of Eastern Europe Review, 21(1), p.43-49, 2003.


During the last decade or so, the existence of a Balkan cultural identity has been hotly debated in books, articles, conferences, and other scholarly practices. It has been argued that the cuisine, supposedly common throughout the Balkan Peninsula, might be a form through which this cultural identity manifests itself. Using statistical data regarding the diet components over the last 20 years, this paper attempts to evaluate how valid the notion of a common Balkan cuisine is. There are two hypotheses I am trying to test: 1) there is a commonly shared diet structure in Balkan area, and 2) people consume similar quantities of basic food. Although these hypotheses are considerably weaker than that of the existence of a “Balkan cuisine”, it seems to me that they are the means of doing the most of the available data. The conclusions will point to the fact that, if “Balkan cuisine” means what people eat in this region on a daily basis, then there is a very limited specificity and coherence of food consumption in Balkan countries.

Cuvinte cheie: cuisine, Balkan identity