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Inhibiting Islet Amyloid Polypeptide Fibril Formation by the Red Wine Compound Resveratrol

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Autori: Rajesh Mishra, Daniel Sellin, Diana Radovan, Andrea Gohlke, Roland Winter

Editorial: ChemBioChem, 10 (3), p.445 - 9, 2009.


Grapes for amyloids: The red wine compound resveratrol can effectively inhibit the formation of IAPP amyloid that is found in type II diabetes. Our in vitro inhibition results do not depend on the antioxidant activity of resveratrol. Further, the markedly enhanced cell survival in the presence of resveratrol also indicates that the small oligomeric structures that are observed during beta-sheet formation are not toxic and could be off-pathway assembly products.

Cuvinte cheie: AFM, amyloid , inhibitors, IR spectroscopy, resveratrol, INS-1 E cells, type II diabetes, cytotoxicity, WST-1 assay, ThT assay, IAPP