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57Fe Mossbauer Spectroscopy on Disordered Crystalline Media with Ca-Gallogermanate Type Structure, I In Paramagnetic Region

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Autori: D.Barb, S.Constantinescu and D.Tarina

Editorial: Hyperfine Interactions, 96, p.73-82, 1995.


Polycristalline strontium iron germanates of the type Sr3-yLnyFe2+yGe4-yO14 (Ln=La,Nd; y=0,1) were investigated by 57Fe Mössbauer spectroscopy ithin the temperature range 4.2-300K The crystal chemistry and the distribu-tion of Fe3+ ions in the structure, as well as the crystallographic ine-quivalence of the oxygen polyhedra occupied by iron were studied over all paramagnetic temperature region. A correlation of the experimental data with a local environment computation is given.

Cuvinte cheie: Ca-gallogermantes, Mossbauer spectroscopy