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Magnetic hyperfine fields in ferrigehlenttes

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Autori: D. Barb, S. Constantinescu, D. Tarina, I.S. Lyubutin, B.V. Mill, V.G. Terziev, T.D. Dmitrieva and A.V. Butashin

Editorial: Hyperfine Interactions, 50, p.645-650, 1989.


Magnetic Phase transitions in some new compounds of melilite structure (P4 21m) with extremely high iron content A2Fe2BO7 (A=Ba, Sr; B=Ge, Si) were observed at low temperatures by means of Mössbauer spectroscopy. It was found that Fe3+’ magnetic moments are ordered by superexchange interaction in two subtattices with wide distributions of relatively low magnetic fields. The effect of Ba2+ -> Sr2+ and Ge4+ -> Si2+ cation substitutions on this magnetic ordering is discussed

Cuvinte cheie: ferrigehlenite, Mossbauer spectroscopy