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Mathematical model for uniform huge grains growth

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Autori: S. Constantinescu, I. Mercioniu, N. Popescu-Pogrion

Editorial: Journal of Optoelectronic and Advanced Materials, 10 (11), p.3083-3085, 2008.


Despite many investigations already performed with respect to sintering stability and grain growth vs. annealing conditions – in low yttrium doped α- Al2O3 (150 ppm) – some fundamental questions are still open. These questions concern mainly the
influence of small level of impurities at grain boundary in the sintering behavior and grains growth of the materials, i.e. the microstructure function of the annealing time at annealing temperature of 16500 C. The low yttrium doped α- Al2O3 (150
ppm) samples were sintered and annealed at high temperatures. Besides conventional micro structural studies, such as grain diameter and grain size functions of distribution of the annealing temperature were studied by electron microscopy investigations and statistical measurement. The implications of the different microstructures with respect to micro structural stability have discussed and compared to observations described in the literature.

Cuvinte cheie: low Y doped Al2O3, grain groth vs annealing, uniform huge grains, SEM, modeling of the grain growth