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Mossbauer Spectroscopy on 57Fe:NaCl crystals

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Autori: D. Barb, S. Constantinescu, S. Nistor, D. Tarina

Editorial: Hyperfine Interactions, 53, p.279-284, 1990.


Mossbauer absorbtion spectra of 57Fe-doped NaCl crystal were measured and correlated with an adequateelectric field gradient computation to describe the dipolar complexes occurring at decay of Suzuki-phase under thermal treatment and X-ray irradiation. An electrostatic potential of the type Vi=Sum(qij/rij+lamdaij*exp(-rij/roij)) was taken into account in the evaluation of EFG tensor.

Cuvinte cheie: 57Fe-doped in NaCl crystals, Mossbauer spectroscopy, Suzuki-phase