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Radar absorbing materials used for target camouflage

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Autori: Nicolaescu Ioan

Editorial: Journal of Optoelectronics and Advanced Materials, No 1. February, 2006, p. pp 333-34, 2006.


As a result of the developments within signal processing, transmitters and receivers areas radar technology has improved
steadily over the past 50 years gaining in the sensor sensitivity, miniaturisation, power consumption, etc which allow to build
smaller, more reliable and user friendly radar sensors. The effectiveness of these radar sensors is sufficiently threatening to
merit the reduction of radar signature of all battlefield equipment. The paper analyses the potential use of radar absorbing
materials to reduce the scattered signal by different metallic parts of military equipment and facilities. The paper is focused
on two types of materials whose properties are analysed. The authors emphasise the results they got by simulations using
different optimisation programs and measured data. The novelty of the paper is given by the materials used for simulations
as well as by the algorithms proposed for reflection coefficient optimisation that gets the parameters of the materials from a
database made up of 24 types of materials previously characterised.

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