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From Natural Computing to Self-Organizing Complex Systems

Dear Colleague,

At Petru Maior University of Tg. Mures, Romania, on 6-8.June.2010 (probably
will be on two days in this period) will be held an international workshop
entitled “From Natural Computing to Self-Organizing Complex Systems “.

You are invited to participate at this event.
Please announce your intention of participation ASAP, until at most
16.April.2009. Specify in few keywords your research interests, please submit a
short CV or indicate your homepage. This is necessary for us to make a
preliminary list of the participants. After this deadline we cannot accept
applications! (This is necessary for us to estimate if we can waive the
registration fee).
Also please indicate a possible talk title (you can change it in time) and the
estimative authors.

Topics of the workshop:
ˇ Developments in Natural Computing
ˇ If there is possible to develop new methods in the field of Natural Computing
ˇ Artificial and Natural Complex Systems
ˇ Self-organizing Complex Systems
ˇ If can be established a connection between the complexity of a system (artificial
or biological) and its intelligence
ˇ If can be used methods of Natural Computing by Complex Systems. For example, if
such methods can be used to establishes an adaptive behavior of a Complex System
ˇ Agent-Based Systems
ˇ Medical Informatics
ˇ Biomedical Computing
ˇ Medical Decision Support

Another purpose of the workshop is to make possible the cooperation in
European Research projects.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask!

Kind regards,

Dr. Barna Iantovics,
Petru Maior University of Tg. Mures, Romania

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