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Single-electron transfer by inter-dopant coupling tuning in doped nanowire silicon-on-insulator field-effect transistors

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Autori: *D. Moraru, M. Ligowski, K. Yokoi, T. Mizuno, and M. Tabe

Editorial: Applied Physics Express, 2 (7), p.071201, 2009.


We demonstrate tunable single-electron turnstile operation in doped-nanowire silicon-on-insulator field-effect transistors. In these structures, electron transport occurs through dopant-induced quantum dots. We show that the substrate silicon can be used as a back gate to modulate the inter-dot coupling, which dictates the overlap between Coulomb domains in the charge stability diagrams of these devices. Since this overlap is a necessary requirement for single-electron turnstile, this procedure allows the optimization of the conditions for single-electron
turnstile in doped-nanowire field-effect transistors.

Cuvinte cheie: single-electron transfer, tuning, dopant, multi-dot array