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Neutral density filters with Risley prisms: analysis and design

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Autori: Duma V. F., Nicolov M.

Editorial: Optical Society of America, Applied Optics, 48(14), p.2678-2685, 2009.


The paper achieves the analysis and design of optical attenuators with double-prisms neutral density filters. A comparative study is performed on all the three possible device configurations, while only two of them are presented in literature, but without their designing calculus. The characteristic parameters of this optical attenuator with Risley translating prisms, for each of the three setups, are defined and their analytical expressions are derived: adjustment scale/attenuation range and interval, minimum transmission coefficient and sensitivity. They are compared, in order to select the optimal device, and from this study, the best solution of double-prisms neutral density filters, both from the mechanical and from the optical point of view, is determined: with two identical, symmetrical moving, with no mechanical contact prisms. The designing calculus of this optimal device is developed, in its essential steps. The parameters of the prisms, in particular their angle are studied in order to improve the design and the maximum attenuation range this type of attenuator may provide is demonstrated.

Cuvinte cheie: optica tehnica, dispozitive, filtre, prisme Risley, atenuatoare optice // optical design, devices, filters, Risley prisms, optical attenuators