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On the Switching Control

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Autori: Valentina E. Balas, Marius M. Balas

Editorial: American Institute of Physics, American Institute of Physics, AIP Conference Proceedings, Volume 1117, American Institute of Physics, p.81-88, 2009.


The paper is discussing the measures able to reject the instability that may unexpectedly appear in particular conditions, in switching controllers applications. The switching controllers’ effect is explained by the combined effects of the unsuitable choice of the switching moments (in the first or third quadrants of the phase trajectory of the switching error) and of the temporal aliasing that can distort the digital control systems when the sampling rate is close to the frequency of the oscillations that are produced by the commutation. The correct switching moments are located into the second and fourth quadrants of the phase trajectory of the switching error, but an active preparation of the commutation may be simply achieved by using a tracking controller, that is driving the output of open loop controller to follow the output of the close loop controller, permanently minimizing the switching error. Simulations issued from a dc driver speed controller and from an aircraft are provided.

Cuvinte cheie: switching, CCD image sensors, commutation