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Constant Time to Collision Platoons

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Autori: V. E. Balas, M. M. Balas

Editorial: Editor-in-Chief Florin Gheorghe Filip, Member of the Romanian Academy, Agora University Editing House, Int. J. of Computers, Communications & Control, Vol. III, p.33-39, 2008.


The paper is presenting a new method for the management of the traffic flow
on highways, based on the constant time to collision criterion. The criterion is applied for
each car implied in traffic, and for the whole highway. Each car is provided with a constant
time to collision cruise controller, which is maintaining optimal distance-gaps between cars,
adapted to the speed and to the technical data of the cars. The traffic management center
has the possibility to impose the same time to collision over the entire highway. This way
the traffic is organizing itself, by distributing the cars such way that the collision risk is
uniformly distributed. Simulations are illustrating how the cars are behaving when they are
forming highway platoons and how the traffic flow may be controlled by imposing the time
to collision.

Cuvinte cheie: knowledge embedding by computer models, constant time to collision, fuzzyinterpolative