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Procedure concerning the Mercury Removal from Municipal Waste Combustion Flue Gases

Domenii publicaţii > Stiinte ingineresti + Tipuri publicaţii > Articol în revistã ştiinţificã


Editorial: Chiminform Data SA, REVISTA DE CHIMIE, 60 (1), p.81 - 84, 2009.


Since the climatic changes are more and more attesting that humanity is causing additional man made pollution, the concept of sustainable development imposes the necessity of selecting
and applying the most appropriate and available novel energy resources, including application of technologies focusing on waste incineration. Using municipal wastes for energy production implies
serious environmental problems, if no appropriate prevention cleaning up technologies for the flue gases is used. Municipal waste incineration leads to formation of a flue gas that includes among
other emissions, also heavy metals. One of the most harmful for human health is the emission of mercury. This paper focuses on mercury removal from waste combustion exhaust gases
accomplished on a lab facility. The composition of the municipal waste combustion flue gases is physically simulated in order to correspond to real waste flue gases, by using natural gas combustion
and injection of different known rates of pollutants, such as NO., SO 2, particles and heavy metals, including mercury, into the resulted gases, previous to the point where the proposed technology is
applied. Several comparative tests and key-solution in order to clean up the municipal waste flue gases are presented, with results comprised in tables and diagrams. As conclusion, one draws the
general idea, that the procedure proposed by the authors is efficient and acts effective for the mercury reduction in flue gases, according to the maximum admitted limits indicated by Romanian and
European legislation, and determines also the simultaneous reduction of other pollutant components

Cuvinte cheie: waste incineration; heavy metals; mercury; flue gas cleaning technologies; environmental pollution