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symposium on Dynamical Data Analysis of Multiscale Systems

Dear Colleague:

Because of your considerable expertise in the field, we would like to cordially invite you to participate in the symposium on Dynamical Data Analysis of Multiscale Systems to be held at The 16th US National Congress on Theoretical and Applied Mechanics (USNCTAM) at Penn State University, June 27 – July 2, 2010. This symposium will examine new developments in time series analysis that allow researchers to experimentally characterize the dynamics of systems with multiple time scales. All contributions involving research results, new developments, novel concepts, and new applications in the Dynamical Data Analysis of Multiscale Systems are solicited.

Two-page extended abstracts are due by December 31, 2009. Full details are available on the attached flier and at the conference web site:

To navigate to our symposium, from the top menu bar go to:

Technical Program
Technical Tracks
5. Dynamics
5-5 Dynamical Data Analysis of Multiscale Systems.

In addition to your participation, we ask that you post our flier and/or send it to anyone you know that you think might be interested in participating. We would also welcome any recommendations you may have on other researchers whom we might ask to participate.

We look forward to receiving your contribution to the symposium!

Best wishes,

David Chelidze
University of Rhode Island
Department of Mechanical Engineering

Joseph Cusumano
Penn State University
Department of Engineering Science & Mechanics