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Thermal decomposition kinetics of some aromatic azomonoethers. Part IV.Non-isothermal kinetics of 2-allyl-4-((4-(4-methylbenzyloxy) phenyl)diazenyl) phenol in dynamic air atmosphere

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Autori: A. Rotaru, A. Moanţã, G. Popa, P. Rotaru, E. Segal

Editorial: Journal of thermal analysis and calorimetry, 97 (2), p.485-491 , 2009.


Thermal analysis of 2-allyl-4-((4-(4-methylbenzyloxy)phenyl)diazenyl)phenol dye was performed in dynamic air atmosphere. The compound thermal behavior was investigated using TG, DTG and DSC techniques, under non-isothermal linear regime. Kinetic parameters of the two decomposition steps were obtained by means of multi-heating rates methods. Isoconversioanl methods (KAS and FWO), Invariant Kinetic Parameters method and Perez-Maqueda et al. criterion (by means of CR and FW equations) were used.

Cuvinte cheie: thermal analysis, azomonoether dyes, "model-free" kinetics, IKP method, Perez-Maqueda et al. criterion