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Base Selection and Transmission Synchronization Algorithm in Quantum Cryptography

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Autori: Catalin Anghel, George Coman

Editorial: 17th International Conference on Control Systems and Computer Science, Romania, Bucharest, ISSN : 2066-4451, vol. 1, p.281 - 284, 2009.


One Achilles heel of classical cryptographic communication systems is that secret communication can only take place after a key is communicated in secret over a totally secure communication channel. Here comes quantum key distribution which takes advantage of certain phenomena that occur at the subatomic level, so that any attempt by an enemy to obtain the bits in a key not only fails, but gets detected as well. This paper proposes the idea of on algorithm, intended to be a quantum network algorithm named Base Selection and Transmission Synchronization – BSTS, which can realize a perfectly secure communication between two computers.

Cuvinte cheie: criptografie cuantica // quantum cryptography