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The influence of the discretized Rashba spin-orbit interaction on the Harper model

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Autori: Borchin O. and Papp E.

Editorial:,, p.11, 2009.


The movement of the electrons under the simultaneous influence of
a scalar periodic potential and of a uniform transversal magnetic field is
described by the well-known second order discrete Harper equation. This
equation originates from a two-dimensional energy dispersion law under
the minimal substitution. Here one deals with the Harper model under
the additional influence of the discretized spin orbit interaction. Converting
the spin-orbit interaction in terms of discrete derivatives opens the
way for analytical and numerical studies. One finds coupled equations
for the spin dependent wave functions, which leads to an appreciable
alteration of the nested energy subbands characterizing the self-similar
structure of the usual Harper spectrum. To this aim the transfer matrix
method has been applied to selected spin-up and spin-down wavefunctions.
Accordingly, very manifestations of spinfiltering and of spin correlations
are accounted for. Our energy-bands calculations show that the
splitting effect implemented by such wavefunctions is appreciable.

Cuvinte cheie: Harper equation, Rashba spin-orbit coupling, recursive energy bands