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Aparitie editoriala -JSRI vol. 8, no. 24

Dorim sa va anuntam ca a aparut numarul 24 al revistei Journal for the Study of Religions and Ideologies – In acest numar, puteti citi urmatoarele articole:

Religion and Politics in Romania after 1989

Stefan Bratosin, Mihaela Alexandra Ionescu
Church, Religion and Belief: Paradigms for Understanding the Political Phenomenon in Post-Communist Romania 3-18

Gabriel Andreescu, Liviu Andreescu
Church and State in Post-Communist Romania: Priorities on the Research Agenda 19-45

Florin Lobont
Romanian Orthodoxy, Between Ideology of Exclusion and Secularisation Amiable 46-69

Natalia Vlas, Sergiu Gherghina
Convergence or Replacement? Attitudes Towards Political and Religious Institutions in Contemporary Romania 70-94

Nicolae Iuga
Harmonious and Discordant Elements in the „Symphony” of the Romanian Orthodox Church – the Romanian State after December 1989 95-103

Nicolae Paun, Georgiana Ciceo, Dorin Domuta
Religious Interactions of the Romanian Political Parties. Case Study: the Christian-Democratic Connection 104-132

Flaviu Calin Rus
Political Parties and Religion in Post-Decembrist Romania 133-150

Ioana Iancu, Delia Cristina Balaban
Religion and Political Communication during Elections in Romania 151-167

Danut-Vasile Jemna, Mihai Curelaru
Values and Students’ Political Participation 168-188

Gizela Horvath, Rozalia Bako
Religious Icons in Romanian Schools: Text and Context 189-206

Iordan Barbulescu, Gabriel Andreescu
References to God and the Christian Tradition in the Treaty Establishing a Constitution for Europe: An Examination of the Background 207-230

Zizi Goschin, Daniela-Luminita Constantin, Monica Roman
The Partnership between the State and the Church against Trafficking in Persons 231-256

Mircea Brie
Contemporary Ecumenism between the Theologians’ Discourse and the Reality of Inter-Confessional Dialogue. Case Study: Bihor 257-283

Florica Stefanescu
Demographic Evolutions between Religion and Politics 284-310

Sandu Frunza
A Stereotype: The Lack of the Social Utility of Philosophy 311-328

Sandu Frunza, Mihaela Frunza
Aspects Concerning the Crisis of Philosophy in the University System from Romania