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Infrastructure and system programming for digital ecosystems used in natural disaster management

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Autori: Marius Cioca, Lucian-Ionel Cioca, Liviu Mihaescu

Editorial: 3rd IEEE International Conference on Digital Ecosystems and Technologies, 2009. DEST '09, 2009.


Researchers in most fields of activity must concentrate their efforts to eradicate or at least to mitigate the negative effects of ldquoglobal warmingrdquo, which affect the entire planet. Within this context, we strongly believe that IT&C specialists should also approach the issue. Therefore, this paper presents the results and solutions obtained during the development of a research contract dealing on the one hand with real-time data collection and data centralization in a decision making system, and on the other with the dissemination of information among the people exposed to the effects of natural disasters such as: floods, storms, tsunamis, or other natural disasters which may destroy properties or even induce loss of human lives.

Cuvinte cheie: infrastructura // infrastructure