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HPLC on Chiral Support with Polarimetric Detection: Application to Conglomerate Discovery

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Autori: C. Roussel, N. Vanthuyne, J.L. Jobert, A.I. Loas, A.E. Tanase, D. Gherase,

Editorial: Chirality, 19, p.497-502, 2007.


n conglomerates, each single crystal contains only one of the two possible enantiomeric forms – either dextrorotatory or levorotatory. The analysis of a single crystal by liquid chromatography on chiral support associated with chiroptical detection is a very efficient tool to reveal the occurrence of a conglomerate. In terms of rapidity and easiness, this method compares favorably with the classical methods used to show this occurrence. Two examples are provided.

Cuvinte cheie: enantiomer resolution, chiral liquid chromatography • chiral stationary phase, semipreparative chromatography , hydrobenzoine